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Top 5 Comic Characters That I Would Like To Hang Out

Hello everyone and welcome to Comical-Musings’ Top 5 post for May.  Friendship inspires people…it’s true.  Michael W. Smith said “Friends are friends forever” whilst selling many albums and entertaining the contemporary Christian community.  Andrew Gold said “thank you for being a friend” whilst ushering in the beginning of every, now classic, episode of The Golden Girls.  Cheers told us that sometimes we wanted to go “where everybody knows your name.”  People long for companionship and a good friend is hard to find.  It is in that strain of thought that I give you the Top 5 Comic Characters That I Would Like To Hang Out With!

5. Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock may “not be Daredevil” (he is) but he is a lovable character with a lot of layers.  When he is not running around doing ninja stuff as a blind guy, he is a snarky and animated lawyer chasing skirts and saving lives.  He has been a crimefighter, a lone wolf, an Avenger, a kingpin, a lover, and a victim.  Through it all, he keeps a smile on his face and stays happy go lucky even though life has dealt him a serious hand. Pretty cool guy to hang out with.


4. Patrick “Eel” O’Brian

Eel O’Brian started out working for The Kite (terrible villain shtick) when he endured the terrible misfortune of falling into a vat of chemicals.  Shortly after, he gained the ability to manipulate his body into most shapes.  He had become Plastic Man.  This power, coupled with his happy-go-lucky personality makes for some interesting scenarios.  Has the man broken into a prison like a black balloon in a coke mule?  Yes, he has, but he has also transformed into a hang glider, a ball, a mailbox, and various other shapes throughout his tenure on The Justice League of America.  As you can imagine, this power would be very useful and even though there was already an Elongated Man in the DC Universe, Plastic Man carved out his own place in the hearts of comic book fans.  Even Batman, who is notoriously dark and brooding, rarely laughs at Plastic Man, but has always believed in him.  Sounds like a good mix of skill and humor.  I’ll take it.


3. Steve Rogers

Evan Shaner is awesome

Steve Rogers is awesome.  That’s most of what I have to say.  Whenever I look for friends, I am often attracted to people who are different than me.  Captain America is different than me.  Not that I hate the USA or anything, but he is professional, tactical, and serious.  If I hung out with Cap, I bet it would be fun. The man has a different perspective on the world having been frozen in ice for years.  We adhere to similar prudish moral codes and so we would probably be into the same movies.  Cap is a cool guy, but would need help acclimating to pop culture.  I could help him there.  When I think of Steve, I’m reminded of Wolverine Weapon X #11 when he and Wolverine go out for drinks.  Steve is able to turn it off and just hang out as guys.  He likes to drink a little bit more than me, but I bet that he would find humor in NBC’s the Office and if we can connect on that, then we will be cool.  He is fiercely loyal to his friends and his country.  That’s cool in my book.




2. Barbara Thorson

The protagonist of “I Kill Giants” is a cool teenage girl with a lot of imagination and spunk.  When I called her to hang out, I would never know what was going to happen.  Maybe we’d play Dungeons and Dragons in the back of a comic book store.  Maybe we would complete burial rights for an ancient dragon.  As a member of my friendship crew, there would never be a dull moment with Barbara Thorson.


1. Gran’ma Ben

Where to begin with Gran’ma Ben?  She is an integral part of Bone, one of my favorite comic book series from Jeff Smith.  She is a tough, no-nonsense kind of lady who speaks volumes with silence.  She regularly beats cows in foot races.  She is incredibly strong and beneath her deceptively well-aged frame lies the heart of a warrior.  Gran’ma Ben would be a great wildcard friend who could either be sweet or start a fight.  I love the fact that she is so wise, but also strong-willed and down to punch somebody in a pinch.  She gets respect from the Red Dragon and even has a secret past that might suggest that she is even more famous than she is cool.  Gran’ma Ben would provide wisdom, strength, and randomocity to my group of friends.




So, that’s it.  If you want to read up on any of these characters, I would urge you to pick up the various books that they are featured in at  See you soon for more great “Comical-Musings Content.”

~ Scott Deaux ~

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