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Top 5 Comic Characters that Stayed Dead

RIP Resurrection Man***SPOILER ALERT*** Everybody dies.  But in comic books it rarely lasts that long.  Sometimes They Come Back, Again.  Even DC’s euponymous (used incorrectly) hero Dead Man, who’s power is being dead, has come back to life.  (Ironically, DC’s Resurrection Man has been killed due to poor sales.)  The problem is that death is rarely permanent, and thus it has lost its impact.  So, with the recent deaths of Damian Wayne  and Professor X (again) and rumors about the impending demise of Green Lantern Jon Stewart, we here at Comical Musings proudly present a special post-Easter Top 5, saluting the Top Five Comic Characters that have Stayed Dead.




5. Solomon Grundy 

RIP Solomon GrundyWe planned to exclude zombies from this list because after Marvel Zombies and Blackest Night, basically everyone has been a zombie.  But Grundy is the ultimate hipster zombie; he was a zombie before it was cool.  He has always been dead, and has faithfully stayed that way.  Even when he’s sporting a leather apron in recent issues of Earth 2, he’s still very dead, and possibly setting a new trend for zombie fashion.



4. Rex Splode

RIP Rex SplodeThis was a tough one.  Rex is dead.  He lived up to his name when he valiantly Rexploded™ to save the life of his team-mates.  But he has been cloned…  This is a common plot device that characters like the Mauler Twins have used to escape permanent death on many occasions.  The difference is that in Rex’s case, his body contains the consiousness of Rudy Connors.  He doesn’t think he’s Rex, and no one else does either.




3. Glenn (TWD)

RIP GlennHe hasn’t been gone that long, but he’s real dead.  He probably won’t be coming back.







2. The Commedian (Watchmen)

RIP ComedianHis death was the catalyst that initiated the original Watchmen story arc.  Dr. Manhattan probably could have brought him back with his powers, but he didn’t.  Instead, the Comedian stayed dead the whole time.  It may not have been funny, but it is certainly respectable.






1. Uncle Ben Parker

Uncle_BenWith a greatly powerful death comes the great responsibility to stay dead.   He tried to come back as a rice mascot; oh wait, that was a different Uncle Ben.  As a comic character he has stoically remained deceased for over 50 years.  Well done sir.






Do you disagree, or did we neglect to honor your favorite departed character?  Please leave us a comment below.



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  1. Jor el thomas and martha wayne captain mar vell cant think of others off hand

  2. When composing this list I considered the Waynes and Captain Mar Vell. They brought the Waynes back in Flashpoint (although that was in an alternate dimension.)
    They’ve brought Mar Vell back a couple times, most recently during Avengers vs Xmen. (Phoenix Force > cancer)
    I’d have to look into Jor-El. If you think of any more, let me know.
    Thanks for reading.

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