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Top 5 Happiest Moments in The Walking Dead

In honor of tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 3 premier, we’re breaking our hiatus for the Top 5 Happiest Moments in The Walking Dead. Let’s face it, the zombie apocalypse is a world full of sorrow and none more sorrowful than Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. However, amidst all the rampant (un)death, there are a few bright spots, and we’re bringing them to you today (mostly) spoiler free!

MINOR SPOILER ADVISORY: Be advised, while none of these Top 5 involve major plot events, they may inadvertently hint at some of the things that take place throughout the series.


5. Dale Gets A Peg Leg

In Issue #42, Dale wakes up to find a very special homemade gift. Nothing says “I love you” like fashioning an appendage out of wood. We don’t want to give anything away, but Dale may or may not become the scourge of the seven seas in only a few issues after this event.

4. The Prison Has a Library

Let’s be honest, aside from all the death, the zombie apocalypse isn’t a very exciting place. TV is gone, and don’t even think about the internet. Luckily, in issue #25 the crew finds out that the prison has a bunch of these weird things called “books.” They’re like web pages, but on paper. I know, weird, right?

3. Duane Gets a Game Boy

We know Duane’s daddy loves him, because for Christmas Duane got a Game Boy (issue #34). Nothing melts away the horror of near death and the constant threat of being devoured like Tetris. Sad for Duane, those batteries are probably only going to last a day. Will the horrors ever stop? Probably not.

2. Sophia Gets a Boyfriend

Aww, young love. Not even flesh devouring zombies can stop it. After continually spurning her advances, in issue #11 Carl finally breaks down and becomes Sophia’s boyfriend. This taught Sophie the most important lesson of the zombie apocalypse, if you nag a man enough you can get him to do anything, even love you.

1. Carl Gets a Twinkie

In issue #69, Carl finds out that the advertisers were right; all your troubles can be solved with a Twinkie. This is a lucky find for Rick, because therapists probably no longer exist. I mean, seriously, they were probably the first to go. “Why do you want to eat people? It is because you hate your mother?” No, it’s because you look delicious, therapists. Rawwrrrrr!

And that’s our Top 5 Happiest Moments in The Walking Dead. Happy watching tonight, and watch out for walkers!

~ Tim Jenkins ~

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  1. These are all really good and it’s a great topic. What comes to my mind is…

    Lori giving birth to Judith is a happy moment.

    Tyreese is left behind in the Gym with a huge amount of zombies and nothing but a hammer and survives.

    And this is kinda twisted – “The Hunters” eat part of Dale and then Dale reveals he’s been infected. There was a twisted happiness in that. right? or am I just sick?

  2. That’s a little sick, but I like where you are going. Wonder what Jim Tenkins thinks?

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