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Two Truths and a Lie: Thor Will Meet Us In The Air…

By Odin’s Beard! We’re trying something new here at Comical-Musings. It’s an actual reader contest where you can actually enter and actually win something. You’ve probably heard of the game “Two Truths and a Lie.” It works like this; we will make three statements (numbered below). Two are factual and one is pure bologna. It’s your job to determine which one is false.

To be honest, I (Hal) have never been that interested in the Marvel character Thor, but I do enjoy Norse mythology. And Thor has experienced a surge in popularity recently, especially since rescuing Snow White from Æon Flux. So, this initial reader-interaction experiment is dedicated to the Aryan Avenger. It should be fairly easy for fans of the Thunder God. We’re talking about mainstream Marvel Universe Thor; not Ultimate Thor, not movie Thor, not Frog-Thor etc. If you’re well versed in comic lore, I challenge you to try to answer from memory rather than consulting any digital founts of knowledge.

Of course I can fly; I wear a cape!

Thor can fly. That makes sense; thunder comes out of the sky. But how does he do so? Two of the statements below describe mechanisms that allow Thor to fly. One is not true. You tell us which one.

  1. Thor’s helmet, “Lufthelmen”, grants the power of flight to anyone wearing it. The wings on the sides don’t actually flap, but it is only capable of flying in an atmosphere: “Where ever winged creature doth fly…”
  2. Thor is able to fly using a combination of his hammer, “Mjölnir”, and a poor understanding of physics. Basically he uses his super-strength to throw Mjölnir, then he holds on to its strap and it pulls him to his destination.
  3. Thor has at his disposal a chariot pulled by two flying goats capable of interplanetary travel. Doesn’t everybody?

The Rules:

You enter by posting a comment below using a named account (don’t post anonymously). Valid entries must contain the following three components: 1 Your answer, 2 How you heard about this contest (name a specific person if possible), and 3 Your desired prize. In order to be eligible someone else must cite you as the person from whom they heard about the contest. (So tell your friends and get them to answer too.) Someone will win their desired prize!

A winner will be selected somewhat arbitrarily by some of the members of the Writers Blok. Preference will be given to entries with the correct answer, that demonstrate cleverness, that lack long-windedness, and whose desired prize is attainable. If you want to link to a YouTube video of you demonstrating how your answer does not allow someone to fly, go for it! (But don’t hurt yourself.) The winner will be announced in a separate post after this blog post reaches 100 views (so again, tell your friends and get them to check out the blog). Preference will also be given to contestants who are cited by multiple other entries.


Here’s how the prize thing works: you tell us what you want to win and we will make it happen. But remember, price and availability influence your chances of winning the contest. If you request a life-size movie-quality replica of Loki’s helmet, then you will not win. If you request a single issue of a comic book, that’s doable; you might win. If you request a Thor-related tattoo, that’s awesome (especially if we get to pick the tattoo!) Requested prizes do not have to be Thor related, but it helps (remember cleverness.)

Obviously, there are a million ways to “game the system” but please don’t be a jerk. System-gaming could result in cancelation of the contest. And because we like Asgard: entry in this contest serves as an agreement by the contestant that you will not sue us for anything related to this contest (including selection of a winner other than you or eventual regret over your Thor facial tattoo.) No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Good luck, if thee be worthy…

Attention: The contest has concluded. The results can be viewed here. Thank you for reading.

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  1. "Ben" from the geek orthodox church on facebook

    2 and 3 are true. thor has always had the ultimate “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” thing going on. that and viking know whats up. we use rams to pull chariots, no stinking horses.
    also… lufthelmen is distinctly german while thor is distinctly norse..

    i read these from the links you post in the geek orthodox church on facebook!

    my prize is anything hulk related, because we all know the hulk smashes goldilocks for free.

  2. 2 and 3

    My prize – I want Scott & Hal to make a video of them re-enacting the Iron Man/Thor fight from the Avengers movie. I want it to be gloriously posted here on comical musings.

  3. Sorry about #1, that’s the lie.
    2.For anyone whom has ever tried to throw a big thing on a rope over object without the rope being loosed completely knows that if you try really hard, you can probably get some height from pitching a mighty hammer which happens to be strapped to your arm.
    3.The chariot is pulled by better-spoken-of-goats: rams.

    I implicate by name “Mark Potter” as the impetus, not just the Geek Orthodox Church. Mark did it, it was his fault, thank him.

    A prize? well, how about something Thor-tastic for my 4 year old son? Everybody needs a hero… he could do a lot worse.

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmm……….. so after careful comic book soul searching………i believe that the lie is………number one haha!!!

    The other two are 100% truth!!

    I was referred by my most awesomest friend Sarah C who i have the pleasure to work with 🙂

    hmmmmm my prize………….ooooo i really really really would love my Alice in wonderland Cheshire cat smile tattoo!

  5. so 1 is false because the atmosphere doesn’t really get in the way.

    ben from the geek orthodox church directed me here.

    if i win… i’d like to get a plastic doll shaped like a baby that’s big enough so i can make this costume:

  6. The amount of pageviews (100) has been met and we will now tally up to see who won and what they won. Answer in an upcoming post!

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