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The Webcomic That Ate My Soul

While I’ve experienced my fair share of blood-and-guts comics, and while psychological thrillers definitely have their place in my life, I must admit that after reading yet another dark, gruesome destruction-based graphic novel, I was ready for a little comedy. I love comedy and drama and (yes, it’s a cliché) ultra-sappy love stories. It makes life fun. So when the bookish side of tumblr began shoving a webcomic in my face, I decided to take a break from the guns and spend some time with the hockey sticks. I then proceeded to read every issue non-stop in one day, complete with girlish giggles. So please, please, let me introduce you to Check, Please! , a comic about a college hockey team, told from the point of view of the cutest little cutie ever- Eric “Bitty” Bittle, a pie-baking ex-figure skater with a Beyonce obsession. I’m not one for sports (although I am one for boys who bake pies), and I’m definitely not one for hockey, but I couldn’t say no to this face:




I am very aware that the dynamic of this particular webcomic might not be for everyone. It’s about fear of failure, getting past first impressions, and yes, homosexuality, but it didn’t take me long to get interested in this hockey team of crass and childish guys who spend more time razzing each other and playing hockey than actually doing any school work (although a major character does get into Harvard Law, so maybe I should bite my tongue). But even though they’re smelly and a little annoying, there’s something terribly endearing about this cast of extremely manly men that aren’t superheroes.




In typical fangirl fashion, I am always on the lookout for drama and romance and EMOTION. I was not disappointed. This comic delivers humor, information (for those of us who know not a thing about hockey), characters the you actually care about, and genuinely amazing art. The angst alone between Bitty and the team captain, Jack Zimmernmann, is delicious, and what would a college drama without a guy with daddy issues?




In conclusion, Ngozi, the author, is a genius who has devoured my heart and all of my emotions. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, stop by Samwell. Even if you don’t show up for the cute boys, it’s worth it for the hockey humor. Happy reading!


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~ Polaris Rex ~

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