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We’re still here… (nudge Hal, wake him up.)

*indistinguishable mumbles, and ruffling sounds* “psssssst… Hal! Hal, you’re on.”

Huh, what?… Hey, Hi! Welcome to Comical Musings, where we muse so you don’t have to. (Uh guys, what’s going on right now?!) *low tones* “Sir, you said you were going to start posting regularly, since the blog didn’t die…  So…”

Right! That makes sen… Wait, what’s going on? Who’s calling me sir? We saved the blog last week.? I thought I had at least three weeks before I would have to post something else.  …


Alright, fine. Welcome back to Comical Musings. I’m glad you’re here, so it’s not just me. We muse about comics. Anyway, we just rebooted. I’m still here. I’m Hal, brother of Scott. I was the crazy side character, but I might be driving the train. Scott’s still here. (say “hi,” Scott) *off screen* “hi”
That was totally him. You might also be interested to check out his other blog: What’s good, Scott? He could describe it better than I can, but I’ll just say: it’s uplifting.

While I’m straight-up promoting sites: join our group, get on my level: Geek Orthodox Church. We serve your kind here.

Anyway, CM is evolving. We’re working to continue to bring you content you care about. But… I’m not sure what form that will take. We’re open to suggestions… DC seems to be getting their act together, and their hot mess used to be my thing.  So what should we talk about now? Movie reviews? Comic reviews? Reflections on what current comic plots say about the socio-political environment? Weird rambling posts about what’s going on behind the scenes? We’ve got it all on UHF.

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see. And comment or PM one of us if you would be interested in writing for us (our entry qualifications are pretty low right now; give it a shot, they let me write here.)

Thank you faithful readers. We truly appreciate you, and we will do our best to keep you musing.

(With much love)

About Hal

Favorite Comics: Flaming Carrot, Prophet, Dial 'H', Silver-age Green Lantern

Defining Quote: "Y'all don't want to hear me, ya just want to dance." -Andre 3000

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