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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 10/14

Welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.  The Marvel #1 train keeps on rolling!




This week’s offerings:

New Avengers #1

Sunspot is in charge of the New Avengers now and they are now in control of A.I.M. (Avengers Idea Mechanics).

Welcome to AVENGERS IDEA MECHANICS – a super-scientific global rescue squad of tomorrow’s heroes… today! America doesn’t want them! S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t know what to do with them! But Earth might not survive without… the NEW AVENGERS



Chewbacca #1

Oh Disney….why would you do this?!  Beloved for being a breakout/background character, Chewbacca is primed to step into the limelight (sarcasm).  I love Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto, but this idea SCARES me.

But, really…I am concerned that this book is going to be like a beautiful cruise ship sinking slowly.  I guess, when I really examine it, that my main concern is that I won’t be able to look away.



Spider-Gwen #1

One of my favorite Spider-Man villains, The Lizard, is back (maybe?) and Spider-Gwen is on it.  This series was demanded by the comics viewers.  Let’s see if Spider-Gwen can exist beyond “great costume design” and “rebellious characterization,” becoming something “well-rounded/successful.”



Clandestino #1

I like trying new things out!  This is from a comic company that I haven’t read any of their books before, but the art looks great and I find the story intriguing.  Why not read it?

The country of Tairona became a no man’s land after the military coup. Guerrillas were formed across the lands, and rebels unified against the dictator to resist the regime. The hopes of many lay on Clandestino, who barely escaped from the military attacks as a child, and was then recruited by the rebel forces, to later lead the revolution against the dictator. An all-new miniseries by Amancay Nahuelpan (Young Terrorists, Boy-1, Robocop).



Uncanny Avengers #1

Did I mention that I like Gerry Duggan?  I did, 17 lines up from here.  His work on Deadpool with Brian Posehn made me able to stomach the character (a weighty accomplishment…nay “FEAT”).  Also, I have secret trust for him, based on little known Image Comics series Infinite Horizon where Gerry wrote a serious comic book and it was a treat.  So, now he injects Deadpool and his writing into the Avengers and it looks like Marvel might be getting a fun, adventurous story with, what I have to believe will be great, art by Stegman.



Lumberjanes Beyond Bay Leaf #1

Lumberjanes is hot and winning awards.  This is the first ever special!  Comical Musings likes how it is empowering and non-stereotypical to women, without needing you to praise it for being that way.  Also, Ben likes it.

This self-contained story perfectly captures the spirit of what the Lumberjanes are: hardcore lady-types who can fend for themselves, but also quick to help those who are in need! What It Is: In this special one-shot issue, a monster is terrorizing the Lumberjanes camp and the girls go to stop it. However, it turns out that the monster is being framed and now the girls have to figure out who’s doing it and to what end! Join April, Jo, Mal, Molly and Ripley as they earn their BEYOND BAY LEAF pin!



Captain America White #3 loves this series and I am wondering if each issue is going to end up being one of their Picks Of The Week (issues 1, 2 were).  There is something special about Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale coming together for a project.



Batman #45

You can feel the plotline in Batman building to something.  Maybe this is the week where it pays off.  Also, Batman has a gun?!?!



I Hate Fairyland #1

Skottie Young writes and draws his own masterpiece.  Advance reviews on this have been great and it looks like a talented creator taking a concept that plays firmly to his strong suit.  Should be great!



Captain America Sam Wilson #1

We like Sam Wilson around here.  I’m glad that he is continuing to get run as Cap.



Twilight Children #1

If you were to query people about making a list of “masters” of the art form of comics, Darwyn Cooke (DC: New Frontier) and Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets) would easily make the list.  Twilight Children appears to be a stacked deck that I CANNOT believe that DC Comics is getting to put out.



Guardians Of The Galaxy #1

I have been intrigued since the lineup shift of the team was announced for this book.  Thing as a Guardian just seems cool to me.  Also, Venom is cool when in space.  Looking forward to this.  Should be “cool.”



~ Scott Deaux ~

Let me know what comics you are picking up or what you thought of these titles in the comments



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