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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 7/24

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  The point of this weekly endeavor is to show you what we think will be good.  We are taking educated guesses at what might be worth a pick up.




First, let’s take a look at how we did last week.  We recommended 5 titles to check out last week and we are going to look at the average community ratings  for each book to see how our suggestions panned out.

1. Thor: God Of Thunder #10 continues it’s streak of being beloved by pulling down our highest average community rating of 4.8.

2. Azzarello’s Wonder Woman # awed with it’s presentation of the new imagining of New Genesis and the average community rating was 4.6.

3. The internet sensation, Batman ’66 #1 scored about as high as expected with an average community rating of 4.5.

4. I called that Angstrom Levy coming back would be surprising and it was!  That’ll net you 4.1 out of 5 from the Ifanboy community average.

5. No matter how much Tim loved Supergirl, there is a good reason that it is still a guilty pleasure comic book.  5 on laughs 3.6 on Ifanboy’s average community rating.

6. Superior Carnage’s 3.6 average community rating is a great example of the principle: “Even Tom Brady throws a pick once in a while.”



Now to this week’s offerings:


Constantine #5

You had me at “Constantine steals the power of Shazam.”  New 52 Constantine has had trouble finding his footing (as he should) whilst fighting the cancellation of the much-adored Hellblazer series and the lukewarm expectations for the New 52.  Constantine stealing the power of Shazam interests me in ways that his title has not.





Flash #22

Beautiful cover aside, the arrival of the Reverse Flash is conceptually exciting.  The Flash has been a consistently positive aspect of the New 52…Let’s see what happens when he gets a little messed up.





Rocketeer and Spirit In Pulp Friction #1

When two pulp icons run into each other and mash-up, the results are always interesting.  In this issue, the beloved characters of The Rocketeer and The Spirit run into each other with Mark Waid at the helm.  Sounds like a recipe for success to me.





Hawkeye Annual #1

Even without David Aja, Kate vs. Madame Masque is too alluring to pass up.  Last time these ladies were at odds, things got nasty.  We are betting that the first annual will be a similar situation and we LOVE it.





Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1

So, Marvel’s Superior titles are getting everyone all hot and bothered this month.  From what series writer, Christopher Yost said in his interview with CBR, about Superior Spider-Man Team Up, we are in.

Yost: “Well, in my heart when I say “Team-Up” for “Superior Spider-Man,” I probably mean “Versus.” In the latest “Avenging” issues, we’ve seen that he has a fairly contentious relationship with most of the heroes he’s encountered. And with “Superior Spider-Man Team Up,” that just gets bigger. I think in issue #1, he teams up with pretty much the entire Marvel Universe.

So you’re going to continue to see how Spidey —who up until now has been an incredibly arrogant a-hole –continues to deal with the rest off the Marvel after what has happened to his reputation in the first few issues of Superior.”

So “A-hole” Spider-Man teaming up with the entire Marvel Universe is pretty alluring…




~ Scott Deaux ~

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