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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 8/14

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are digging through decades of experience/research (not really) to find a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.



Batman: Li’l Gotham

First, let’s take a look at how we did last week.  We recommended 5 titles to check out last week and we are going to look at the average community ratings  for each book to see how our suggestions panned out.

1. Trillium #1 killed it and pulled out an average community rating of 4.8 out of 5.  The flip book style was much appreciated.

2. Bendis’ top-notch work on All-New X-Men #15 garnered praise and an average community rating of 4.3 out of 5.

3. Superior Spider-Man’s still hanging in there as #15 grabbed a 4.2 average community rating and didn’t manage to kill the Hobgoblin.

4. Number 4 on our list is sad, because even in it’s demise, Dial H #15 (last issue) could only lock down a 4 out of 5 average community rating.  Cest la vie.

5. Sidekick #1 apparently underwhelmed as our lowest performer from last week with a 3.3 average community score.



Derp Bleep



Now to this week’s offerings:


Batman #23

Zero Year reaches it’s climactic moment.  Shocker…Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.  Bet it will still be great to read.




Walking Dead #113

I have a feeling that Rick is going to die soon.  Things are picking up to a fever pitch.  You got to get in on this series!




Thor: God Of Thunder #11

The end of something truly beautiful and entertaining, issue #11 wraps the historically great story of Gorr and the three Thors.




Herobear and The Kid #1

Reprinting of the popular indie series merits you checking it out if you missed it the first time.


herobear and the kid 1



Astro City #3

We can almost guarantee that unless Kurt Busiek goes crazy, every Astro City issue will be suggested in this column.  It’s just too good to not recommend!




Infinity #1

The Marvel Main Event begins here!  Infinity launches with issue 1.  Thanos ain’t rising anymore…he’s here.




Saga #13

Everyone’s (‘cept me) favorite comic book picks up after it’s long break.  Fans and new readers alike will dive into this cinematic story and leave satisfied.




~ Scott Deaux ~


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Favorite Comics: Lazarus, Essex County, Chew, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Age of Apocalypse stuff, The Nightly News, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Pax Romana, Avengers, NEXTWAVE: Agents Of Hate, Sweet Tooth, We3, others... Favorite Quote(s): "Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world." - Warren Ellis "People who hold signs go hold many other things" - Eddie Pepitone

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