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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 8/28

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.




First, let’s take a look at how we did last week.  We recommended 5 titles to check out last week and we are going to look at the average community ratings  for each book to see how our suggestions panned out.

1. Trinity War #1 Director’s Cut got an average community rating of 5.0.  I feel like this may be skewed.

2. With an average community rating of 4.6 Daredevil #30 lived up to our expectations.

3. Indestructible Hulk #12 was tied with…

4. Batman Beyond Universe #1.  The both got average community ratings of 4.0 out of 5.  They were both pretty good.

5. Our lowest performer was Nova #7, with an average community score of 3.8.




Now to this week’s offerings:


Skullkickers #24

Skullkickers returns to it’s normal numbering with a Tavern Tales issue that mocks Watchmen.  Tavern Tale issues are typically collections of approved Skullkickers stories from different creators.  A lot of bang for your buck!


skullkickers 24


American Vampire Anthology #1

American Vampire is consistently beating expectations and exciting readers who have ridden along with Pearl and Skinner from the beginning and new readers, just finding out about what Scott Snyder has done with the vampire story genre.  This anthology may be a little expensive, but features creators that are good enough to be featured on the front cover.


AM VAM Anthology 1


Thor #12

Thor comes back down to Earth…literally.  The God Bomb story is finished, but Thor is still on par to be great.  Check it out!


thor 12


Batman Incorporated Special #1

Morrison’s Batman story has drawn to a close and with this special, we get to see Burnham on writing and artistic duties.  That’s all very exciting, but any issue that promises Batmen of All Nations can sell itself.  Man Of Bats.


batman inc spcl


Itty Bitty Hellboy #1

Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures were great series cut down in the prime of their lives.  Yes, it’s cute, but it’s also great.  Baltazar and Franco deserve far better than they have received.  Excited to see these talented individuals take a crack at some dark subject matter at a company that (hopefully) values them.




~ Scott Deaux ~

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