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What Comics To Watch For On Wednesday, 9/23

Hi, welcome to our weekly post where we tell you “What Comics to Watch For On Wednesday.”  We are doing our best to recommend a few titles worth your time this week.  It is good to note that we rarely suggest mid-run titles, because we try to provide good jumping on points or oddities that must be seen to believe.  We’ve been out the game for awhile, but it’s good to see your smiling faces again.

Eat your heart out Alan Moore

Eat your heart out Alan Moore


This week’s offerings:


Nameless #5

The last time I read single issue comics, I was reading “Nameless #1.”  This series has been a crazy Morrison/Burnham mashup piece that dives deep into the creative darkness that both men possess.  Issue #5 brings us the chilling origin story of The Nameless, himself.



Wilds End Enemy Within #1

“Wilds End” was a beloved series for the staff at Comical Musings.  We liked how painstakingly British it was and how there was a stark reality to it that left us wanting more.  Well, here is some more and it picks up right where the first series left off.  Check the solicit from BOOM! Studios:

As Clive, Susan, Fawkes, and the other survivors of the alien invasion of Lower Crowchurch try to cope with what just happened to their small town, the military arrives in an attempt to cover up the ‘incident.’ Town residents are immediately detained, questioned, and treated with suspicion. Are they alien spies, collaborators, sympathizers? Clive and the rest will need to escape imprisonment if they’re to get the word out and warn the rest of the world in case the aliens return.



Batman 66 #27

I like The Riddler.  Always have.  When I was a kid, I got a “Batman The Animated Series” toy of The Riddler from McDonalds in 1993.  He instantly became the villain in all of my toy stories.  Well, The Riddler is the main villain in issue #27 and he’s packing Bane, the only way that Bane should be….as a Luchador!



1872 #3

‘Round here, we trust and they love this series!  Wild West Marvel Comics in the vein of a 1602 style story on Battleworld.  Compelling.



Invisible Republic #6

Gabriel Hardman had me hooked on his writing and art style with “Kinski.”  Then, I have heard from multiple sources that this series, “Invisible Republic” has a lot in common with Greg Rucka‘s “Lazarus.”  That’s a hell of a salespitch.



Astro City #27

“Astro City” always gets referred by WCTWFOW…even if it is an American Chibi story…



Fury SHIELD 50th Anniversary #1

Nick Fury Sr. (Caucasian) comes back to fight an old enemy with Nick Fury Jr. (Samuel L. Jackson).  Maybe that whole thing will get ret-conned into making any sense to me.



We Are Robin #4

People like this comic and it is generating interest in DC Comics’ properties (pretty rare these days), so it appears that they are doubling down and having one of the Robins team-up with her idol…”Batgirl” (From Burnside), another hot DC property.  Should be interesting enough.



Comic Book Story Of Beer OGN

I like things that are new, niche-y, and kinda’ different.  Check out the blurb on this release from Ten Speed Press:

The Comic Book Story of Beer traces beer’s influence through world history as a liberating and emancipating force that improved the life of everyday people, beginning with early human’s experiments with fermentation all the way up through the contemporary explosion of craft brewing. No book has ever told the story of beer in a graphic format, until this one. Shedding light on abstract subjects like pasteurization, ‘original gravity,’ and ‘lagering,’ artist Aaron McConnell has a flair for cinematic action and demonstrates versatility in depicting characters and episodes from beer’s rich history. Hand-drawn in a classic, accessible style, The Comic Book Story of Beer makes a great gift, and will appeal to the most avid comic book geek and those who live for beer.



Pitiful Human-Lizard #1

Last time I made an outside-the-box suggestion like this, it was Dark Horse’s “Cap’n Dinosaur” and it was so good that I tried to write solo posts about it, like 6 times.  Pitiful Human-Lizard is about a 9-5 Canadian wage slave who struggles to fight crime in his off hours.  Looking forward to this release from Chapter House Publishing!  There are things that are certainly a greater waste of $3.99 than a 52-page debut issue.  Whatcha’ got for us, Jason Loo?!



~ Scott Deaux ~

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