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What not to expect in 2019!

What’s up, Blade Runners? It feels like it has been a while… (that is your fault, not mine). Anyway, I (Hal) am back and I wanted to defuse your expectations about what Comical Musings will bring you in 2019. Look, things are rough. President Trump has been MAGA-ing for two years, so we’ve been struggling to find our place in this resplendent world. There’s no telling what 2019 will hold, but we (I, Hal, the current under-performing boss of CM) wanted to set your expectations lower than the limbo bar.

Please do not expect the following:

A review of Aquaman (or the Joker movie): Look, there are lots of reviews on-line already. Why reinvent the wheel. Here’s the review: Buff, lots of tattoos. Needs more seahorses and less sharks. Where’s Andy Serkis? 2 out of 3 sea-shells.
(We also give the Joker movie 2/3 of whatever movie metric seems appropriate.)

An accounting of the Comic Character Name-Off: the Comic Character Name-Off #CCNO was a post Scott started in a random Facebook group. It is nearing 1000 entries, but don’t expect us to give you a rundown. You’ll have to find it for yourself at

A review of Moon Knight 200: I might have read it. So what. I’m not going to tell you about it.

You’re welcome, past me.

Any info on where your beloved comical musers have been: We have lives. Deal with it! Some of your favorite authors may have moved to Alaska. Some might be unduly impacted by the US governments regulation of the vaping industry, as it relates to miniature sea-faring vessels in tiny bottles… Some might be struggling with mental health issues. You don’t know, and you probably won’t in 2019.

My failed attempt to write for Image comics… This happened. It didn’t work. Will I post my awesome application?!? Probably not: I’m lazy.

Heavy promotion of an actual comic written by Comical Musing authors: No, no, no, a thousand time no. We are completely opposed to shameless self promotion here at Comical Musings, so do not expect any links to the Land-Locked fund-raising page or Behemoth Comics website. And we will definitely not post the story of how we teamed up… That’s just not what we’re about. (Also do not expect heavy promotion of and {note to self: please fix these links asap, thanks})

So, those are just a few of the things that you should not get your hopes up for in 2019. If there are other things that you would be sad to not see us post about in the new year, let us know in the comments so we can disappoint more effectively. In all seriousness, we sincerely hope you have a very happy New Year, full of comics and musing…


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