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Wolverine Goes To Hell

    Coming back to the world of comics after years in absentia leaves me not being an expert on any characters, storylines, artists or writers. This is not nearly as crippling as it would seem. Without the expert credentials also comes an utter lack of prejudices and favorites with very few exceptions. One of those exceptions is Wolverine. I have always had a fondness for Logan and his utterly tortured past. Scott’s piece about Jason Aaron got me interested in my favorite furball’s current storylines. I chose to pick up issue #1 and became engrossed. The graphic novel covers issues 1 through 5 of Wolverine by Jason Aaron which is what I present to you today.

    So how do you really hack off one of the most tortured, in so many senses, superheroes? Easy. Throw him in to hell and surround him by other people he has sent there who might be just a little less than happy to see him while the Devil and his towel boy (Victor Creed a.k.a Sabertooth) look on with gigglish schoolgirl delight. In the meantine let’s toss an evil spirit in to Wolvie’s body and have it go rampaging around attacking people he cares about. The ensuing story is bloody and gritty with a couple of twists that keep it from becoming trite. Wolverine’s crawl out of hell is just the beginning for a great story arc and what a beginning it is! My biggest complaint storywise is that, at the beginning, it feels like you are tossed in mid-story and while Aaron clears up the backstory it doesn’t happen quickly and is fairly important to the overall storyline. I think a better job could have been on that point but in the end it’s really a minor gripe.

    The art is impressive as well. There is so much detail in every panel and for a book as bloody as this one, Renato Guedes and Jason Latour handle it without making it gross. The attention to detail deserves mentioning again as there isn’t anything lacking from these panels. Even when the plot twist is thrown in the art drives the anticipation and allows it to build before finally revealing itself. I am still trying to figure out how to put my thoughts about comic book art in to words but it will suffice, for this book, to say that it is exceedingly well done and never boring.

    I have to mention the cover art on this one because the cover art and variant covers just blew my mind. In fact I don’t think I could describe them and do them justice so here are all of the ones I could get my hands on, for your viewing pleasure:


See what I mean? That’s some great cover art!

    In closing in think that over the years Wolvie has aged well and Jason Aaron really does a good job of making what could have been a simple hack and slash gorefest in to a very intriguing storyline. This is one book that is more than worth your time. It leans a little towards the mature side of the line due to the sheer violence invloved but outside of that it’s even a somewhat safe title. What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you picked up your copy yet?

~ Romeo Sid Vicious ~

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